Land Clearing for

Excavation and Grading

Get Your Land Ready with Quality Excavation and Grading Services in Central North Carolina

Excavation Services

Our excavation services are perfect for anyone looking to transform their land and prepare it for development. We specialize in excavation services for all sorts of land, from residential to commercial. Our experienced professionals will provide a quality job, ensuring that your land is ready for whatever comes next.

Grading Services

We provide professional North Carolina construction site grading services.. We specialize in transforming your land and ensuring that it is properly graded for your pro-line construction project. Our experienced professionals will ensure that your land is properly graded and ready for development.

Land Clearing

We have expertise and experience in providing comprehensive land-clearing solutions. Our team is trained to handle projects of all sizes, from small residential lots to large commercial properties.

  • New Residential & Commercial construction sites

  • Agricultural development

  • Recreational areas

  • Road and utility line construction

  • Ponds and other waterways

Our efficient land-clearing and pro-dirt services techniques ensure minimal disruption to the surrounding environment while maximizing the available space.

Quality and Reliability

Our experienced professionals understand the importance of quality and reliability when it comes to excavation and grading services. We make sure to provide the highest quality services for our customers, ensuring that their land is ready for the next phase of your project. We will make sure that your land is properly graded and free of any debris, to make sure that your project is ready for development.

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Retaining Walls

Pro-Line can help with all of your excavating, grading, land clearing, ponds, hauling, and hardscapes.