Land Clearing Tree Removal

Land Clearing Services

Enhance your landscape with professional Land Clearing and Tree and Plant Life Removal


Land Clearing

We have expertise and experience in providing comprehensive land-clearing solutions. Our team is trained to handle projects of all sizes, from small residential lots to large commercial properties.

  • New Residential & Commercial construction sites

  • Agricultural development

  • Recreational areas

  • Road and utility line construction

  • Ponds and other waterways

Our efficient land-clearing techniques ensure minimal disruption to the surrounding environment while maximizing the available space.

Tree & Plant Removal

Whether it’s one stubborn tree or an entire forest on your property, our tree removal services are second to none. We safely and efficiently remove trees, ensuring your safety and the preservation of nearby structures. Our plant life removal services target invasive plants, weeds, and underbrush, leaving your property ready for its next phase.

Pro Line can help with all of your excavating, grading, land clearing, ponds, and hardscapes.